Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 Review

When it comes to best antivirus software for 2019 we will surely recommend Kaspersky Internet Security 2019. When you go online shopping or banking it will protect your money & account details… when you socialize – we safeguard your identity… when you surf – we prevent attacks… when you download or stream – we block infected files.

If you are using Kaspersky Secure Connection in Belarus, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, or China, please be informed that the use of VPN technology or any elements of VPN technology included in Kaspersky Secure Connection is subject to local law and regulation. Please ensure the use of Kaspersky Secure Connection is in compliance with the purpose of use and local law and regulation.

  • Delivers personalized security alerts and tips on how to stay safe
  • Removes pop-up ads from your PC so you can enjoy stress-free browsing
  • Probes your accounts for data leaks and advises you how to fix problems
  • Automatically turns on secure VPN to let you email privately
  • Protects your credit card details by opening a secure browser when you buy stuff online
  • Hides your private apps, calls and texts if someone picks up your Android phone

Everyone’s experience of using their devices and the internet is different. At Kaspersky Lab, we believe security should adapt itself to you, not the other way round. This is why we’re introducing Kaspersky Security Cloud – a brand new solution that considers each person’s individuality and their security needs, and is able to adapt itself to you, delivering the right protection at the right time. Our patented adaptive security technologies add extra flexibility to our multi-layered, award-winning protection. This means both individuals and families can get security tailored to their unique needs, and on different devices – as part of a subscription model, under a single account.

And with technologies multiplying at a quicker rate than ever, we believe this new approach to cybersecurity comes at just the right time. For example, research shows that the average adult internet user now has as many as 14 password-protected online accounts, services or applications, all accessed across numerous devices in different ways – which means you have never been more exposed to cyber-threats. But now, with Kaspersky Security Cloud, you can protect every part of your digital world with confidence.

Our virus protection has been honed to perfection over the last two decades. We’ve taken all the best of our award-wining solutions and added our patented adaptive security technologies to create a highly personalized solution that adjusts to your lifestyle to keep you safe. There are several attributes that make the service unique, including:

Patented Adaptive Security. Adaptive security technology is bespoke by definition, responding to your lifestyle within the context of the ever-shifting cybersecurity landscape. The technology anticipates danger, advises you when action is needed and automatically updates your device settings when the need arises. Not only does it shield you from direct cyber-threats, it also reassures you that the things you care about are secure.

Account based control. The service is tied to the subscription owner’s My Kaspersky account, rather than to a license. This means that security management features found in My Kaspersky allow you to configure your security any way you want. And if you purchase our Family edition, you become the master account holder – which enables you to share security with family members and friends. In this instance, every individual will have their own My Kaspersky account, and the solution will adapt itself to their personal needs and online habits.

Platform agnostic flexibility. The service works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. And if you need to manage your account from a shared device, it can be accessed through the My Kaspersky website.

State-of-the-art innovation. The service is constantly developing. All the latest tools, features and technologies will appear first in Kaspersky Security Cloud.

Depending on the nature of the threat, Kaspersky Security Cloud either responds by deploying security automatically – when the threat is severe and urgent action is needed – or by promoting you to take action through simple alerts to your devices. When it comes to prompts, you have the choice to agree or disagree with the suggestions it makes – and over whether or not to take action.

We added the word ‘cloud’ to the service name because we wanted to emphasize that it’s not tied to a specific device, but instead works as a single service – even if it’s installed on multiple devices. This is our first step towards creating protection “‘beyond” the device – security that considers your online habits, choices and preferences to protect you round the clock. Also, some of the data required for the service to work is sourced from Kaspersky Lab’s cloud. This includes a security assessment of the Wi-Fi network you about to connect to, or the category of website you are about to open – both which are required to launch secure VPN – or a description of your interests, so the service can provide you with relevant security news and tips.

The stats the service sends to Kaspersky Lab are anonymized where possible, don’t contain any of the user’s sensitive personal data – such as religion, political views, sexual preferences, health etc. – and are not attributed to a specific individual. These stats are collected to improve the service and provide more reliable protection for our users. The complete list of processed data is available in the agreements that the user voluntarily accepts.

With so many attacks to our devices, I personally very satisfied and recommend Kaspersky for your device’s protection. It not only detects many attacks, but also give you an option whether you want to delete, clean, quarantine, or ignore the Potentially Unwanted Programs, Malicious Software, or Infected Files, because sometimes I really annoyed when my programs (or files) are not working after getting infected and got deleted without my confirmation by an antivirus program (not Kaspersky :p).

I received a Kaspersky Total Security trial when I purchased Microsoft Office from Staples. I used it for the trial period and was pleased. In January of this year I renewed it for the second time. Total Security is reasonably priced. I like that I can use it on 3 devices. So far the protection has been everything it is advertised to do. It scans very fast and for a newbie like me it is easy to navigate through the features. I hope it continues to be a reasonably priced product so that I can continue to use it on my computers.

Before I came into decision in buying softwares, hardwares, etc., I do an extensive research about the product. I am, indeed, glad that I chose Kaspersky as my AV because of its clean interface and superb protection. Doesn’t even interfere with my games and does its job really well in the background. What’s better about this product is that its paid software doesn’t come with too much advertisements where you are forced to spend more just because you need its features.

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